Red Cat Music Video (2019)

“Red Cat” is my joyous song about riding a 1953 Jaguar convertible around the streets of Paris. And a completely true story! Check out the single page for a full list of credits.

Phoenix Rising Music Video (2017)

“Phoenix Rising” is my dark-electro-pop ‘bird’ song borne from the ashes of a family dispute and rather than fighting back, choosing to have an elevated perspective. I loved collaborating with some seriously talented creatives on this project. Check out the single page for a full list of credits.

Our Land, Our Home Dress Rehearsal for Brisbane Sings 2017 at QPAC Concert Hall (2017)

“Our Land, Our Home” was written as part of I Heart Songwriting Club and inspired by the theme ‘native species’. I wrote it from the perspective of being a first generation Australian. Once it was written, I knew I wanted to arrange it for many voices.

When I was invited to be the guest composer and arranger for Brisbane Sings 2017, I arranged the song for SAB and sung it with the beautiful singers of the combined Secondary School choirs at QPAC Concert Hall. I love how this seed of a theme scaled up to a monstrous performance with 200 singers. Writing for the sake of writing has so many silver linings.

Ghost Live in Concert at Brisbane City Hall (2017)

I write at least 1 song per week as part of I Heart Songwriting Club as a way to keep me out of my head and just write. As part of the club you have to write your song in an hour, this is something I’ve been doing for 2.5 years. 1 hour is not a long time, but some weeks are just so full you have to write your song at the back of a car yard whilst your car is getting new tyres, in order to get it done.

That’s what I did one week and this song “Ghost” was born. It’s a song about domestic violence. I wrote a string arrangement for it and it made it’s performance debut at a packed house Brisbane City Hall concert.

Featuring Eugenie Costello-Shaw, Samuel James, Clare Cooney and Nathan Smith from Queensland Session Orchestra. Filmed by Alex Smith TV. Dress by When Freddie met Lilly, Styling and Hair by Rebecca Anthony and make up by Michelle Vasiliou and SkinSpirit Day Spa. Many thanks to Brisbane City Council.

Yellow feat. Megalodon Music Video (2017)

Yellow is one of my favourite tracks from my Own Self album, possibly because of the joy of it, but probably because it is such a different and new sound for me as an artist.

In late 2016, I collaborated with Aussie hip hop artist, Megalodon and we added a rap to this track and remixed it.

The collaborative spirit of this track extends also to the music video, which has been produced and directed by former TV news reporter-turned digital content creator, Alex Smith. It features gorgeous backdrops of Australia’s Currumbin Beach, the Lockyer Valley and Warwick’s sunflower fields offering a timely reminder of Mother Nature’s generosity.

Yellow is a song to honour the sun, the earth and magnificent love.

Recommendation for use:

1. Drink this song in

2. Feel its joy and unconditional love

3. Forget the worrying state of world affairs

4. Feel the skip return in your step

5. Rinse and repeat

All The Love Live Music Video (2016)

All the Love was the song chosen to be filmed with a 360 degree camera as part of Brisbane City Council’s Youth Week and the QUBE Effect. I wrote the song about loving openly, without condition and the freedom that comes from that and it’s featured on my Own Self album. I’m joined in the QUBE by string players Emma Dean, Laura Driver, Dan Lopez and Eliza Scott. Thank you to all the many supporters who handmade papier mache love hearts as the set design and those who came along to be apart of the shoot.

If you watch this video on certain web browers or on your YouTube phone app you can watch the video from all 360 degree angles. Super cool! Until May 20, 2016 you can vote for my video to help me win a $4000 cash prize, which will be used to enable me to make more music.

Updated Post: On June 2, I was awarded the $4000 People’s Choice Award by the Brisbane City Council. I won the major prize! Thank you everyone for watching the video and voting for me. I am thrilled with the outcome!

Relativity Music Video (2015)

Relativity is from my debut album “Own Self“, to be released in late 2015. This song was born on Christmas Day 2013 morning, after a tepid bath, a pot of Stockholm Blend tea in my favourite vintage china cup and a reflectively heavy, but hopeful, heart. The story brings together the end of a relationship and Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. The rest is up to your interpretation.

This Music Video was filmed on my trusty little iPhone in various and precarious odd spots around the studio and gaffer tape was acting as my camera man. Thanks to the band for allowing me to film them whilst they did their thing! Thank you to Nathan Wood from Paredolia Visuals for bringing my idea to life.

Own Self Music Video (2015)

Own Self is the first single from my forthcoming CD release. This song is about embracing yourself and that no matter who or what lets you down, you always have yourself. I sent a massive call out asking you all to submit videos of yourselves singing and dancing to my song. I was overwhelmed by all the video submissions from all around the world – Australia, USA, France, Mauritius, Honduras, India…

Thank you to all the brave ‘selves’ who give all the heart and soul to this Music Video.

The Fighter Music Video (2014)

“The Fighter” is my idealistic view of living a fantastical life and my unwillingness to compromise despite the wearying nature of this fight. The visual inspiration for the clip came from many the Musicals that I love – including “Funny Girl”, “The Producers” and “Chicago”.

To know all the secrets about the making of the clip, including which gorgeous Brisbane venue we shot at, behind-the-scenes photos, and the who’s who of the cast and crew, click here.

“The Fighter” is the second single from my EP “Things That We Had Said”.

Beautiful Night Music Video (2013)

This is the first Music Video from my 2013 EP release “Things That We Had Said”. This song is about the heaviness in life and trying to stand up despite it all.

When I was writing this song, I kept seeing Brisbane’s Story Bridge in my mind – this beautiful Brisbane landmark features in this video. At the time of writing this song, there were plenty of horrific fatalities that were happening on the bridge, and this song is my daring to ‘play’ with these thoughts in my mind. Like many of my songs, it still has hope despite its weight.

FdV Live @ Easterfest (2013)

This was the third year I’ve been invited to play at Easterfest – Australia’s biggest festival – held in Toowoomba each year. This year, like every other, the rain came pouring down and trudging through the muddy festival grounds in heels is something that I just keep forgetting about. I’m putting it in writing so that next year I remember to pack my Gumboots!

This is my entire 45 minute show from the festival. Sit down and get comfy with a pot of tea and please enjoy my show…(don’t fret if the sound quality is weird for a few minutes, it does get better)

Something New Music Video (2010)

This is my first music video. It was filmed in gorgeous Springbrook, which is in the Gold Coast Hinterlands just an hour south of Brisbane.

Ba ba ba da ba, ba da ba…

Los Angeles Music Awards (2008)

I was very honoured to receive a Los Angeles Music Award back in 2008. As an Aussie coming to Hollywood for the first time, I wasn’t prepared for the red-carpet event that these awards are. I rocked up in my little rent-a-car and parked in the lot only to then see the line of limousines lining up down Hollywood Blvd. See my red-carpet photos here.

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