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  • Winning the QUBE Effect People’s Choice Award

    Well the news is out! I won the QUBE Effect People's Choice Award. It was announced live on 612ABC Breakfast Radio with Spencer Howson and it really was a huge shock. I didn't expect an announcement just like that, so I wasn't nervous or even prepared to say anything. Watch the [...]

  • “Own Self” Music Video

    I truly have experienced what its like to be apart of a global project … and it’s bloody amazing and highlights all the good in humans and a true sense of community. “Own Self”, is the first single from my forthcoming CD release. This song [...]

  • Oh Tassie, how I love thee

    When you're a Queenslander it's only smart to head south for the summer. It was on my list of places to tour to in 2013 and finally I made it to Tassie in December. My shows were booked over the space of a week, which [...]

Five Small Steps to Big Songwriting Goals

Do you ever feel like you go through life without consciously choosing how you think, how you want to feel and what impact you are having on those around you?Last week in I Heart Songwriting Club, I've invited our 900+ members to reflect on their legacy and what they want to leave behind in this world. That was last week's theme.I also recently shared how having uplifting conversations with people and visiting amazing places are two things that I have [...]

Creating New Holiday Traditions

2 years ago, I started a new little Christmas tradition. After my dad died, I made a crystal clear decision to no longer buy into the commercialism of Christmas gifts (somehow those events felt connected), and instead dialed up my desire to have rich experiences and connect with awesome people each holiday season. So from my Airbnb in Paris, I offered out to the universe (really, just my mailing list) 10 conversations with people via Zoom. That was all. [...]

Fuel Up to Level Up – How you Can be a Conscious Co-creator in this New World

A hot topic of conversation that is coming up with creative people that I’m talking to right now is - feeling a sense of burnt out. It appears there is so much personal energy spent outputting - reacting to opportunities that come up, saying yes to things because they sound great or need to be done - and it feels like life is a constant ‘reaction’ or ‘response’ to these things. There also appears to be a lack of energy [...]

Leadership for Creatives in the New World

Do you want more for yourself and others and this world? Are you a NEW WORLD LEADER? As a musician, artist, creative, entrepreneur on your career path, there is an essential element of leadership involved in having that career. There is no defined career path. You have to lead it in many ways. A lot of other careers have a ladder you can climb up, a path that’s predefined in many ways. You finish studying, join a graduate program for [...]

How To Access Creative Joy – A Simple Tool To Keep You Open

Over the last month, I have received so many messages from songwriters calling for help. They are saying things like “I just don't feel great” or “I’m not in a great space right now”. They’re also telling me they haven't written songs in months, maybe even years, and they know that they want to be doing this again.I really empathize with them. I feel for them. I’ve felt like this before. But I don’t anymore, and haven’t for a long [...]

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