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Phoenix Rising

Internationally recognised songwriter and artist, Francesca de Valence has a special magic antidote to global instability and it’s simply creativity – and she believes anyone can do it. In this time of a much needed energy lift, she has released her new single “Phoenix Rising”, a dark-electro-pop song borne from the ashes of a family dispute and rather than fighting back, choosing to have an elevated perspective. It’s this creative output in response to turmoil that has taught her a few life secrets. “I have found it more useful to not get caught up in ‘stuff’ – mine or others – and simply see it from a higher place. I have used songwriting as my way of accessing this alternate reality.”

Francesca has a 10-year career as a songwriter and artist, being acknowledged by the Los Angeles Music Awards with an International Songwriter of the Year Award and nationally with an Australian Songwriting Award, having supported artists including Jimmy Webb, Belinda Carlisle and The Manhattan Transfer and having national radio play. But it’s the fierce and empowering leader in her that sees Francesca redefining what it means to be a songwriter and artist. Pursued by a desire to nurture creative expression and foster a sense of belonging in all individuals, Brisbane-based Francesca founded the innovative global digital phenomenon I Heart Songwriting Club, an online songwriting community that supports and challenges songwriters as they develop their skills in a safe environment. Through this social enterprise, Francesca has been the ‘spiritual midwife’ for over 5000 new songs around the world.

Each week I Heart Songwriting Club members are given a songwriting task, consisting of a theme, a guideline and a time limit, which is always 1-hour. “Phoenix Rising” was her response to the theme “birds” with the additional guideline of whistling, which transformed to the ‘operatic’ bridge section in the final recording. The track was recorded by one half of Saint-Hughs, Nick O’Donnell and the music video directed by Daryl Lee Irvine glorifies Francesca’s creative vision. The emblazoned music video features future 2018 Commonwealth Games weightlifting star, Alyce Stephenson and twin Emma Cervetto as duo lyra aerialists, Francesca as the rising phoenix, and a very fine team of artists who created the look of these striking characters including Rebecca Anthony, Jodie Taylor, Shy Designs, and international fashion label based in Brisbane, Black Milk Clothing.

An ‘uplifting, enlightening, and empowering’ force in the music industry, Francesca de Valence is a musician with a mission. Lend her your ear and she will give you her heart.

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What the critics are saying about Francesca de Valence:

“There is no defying Francesca’s talent. Her vocal range is arresting, and her lyrics beautifully evocative. There is much to love about it.” Aphra Magazine

“Phoenix Rising…showcasing all the different facets of not only an incredible voice but a nuanced and thoughtful song writer and Francesca’s powerful and liquid like soprano.” Tommy Spender

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Who’s Who

Music & Lyrics by Francesca de Valence

Copyright © ℗ 2017 Francesca de Valence

Audio Credits:

Produced by Francesca de Valence and Nick O’Donnell

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Nick O’Donnell

Vocals, Keyboards: Francesca de Valence

Drums, Bass, Programming, Additional Keys: Nick O’Donnell

Music Video Credits:

Creative Director and Producer: Francesca de Valence

Director: Daryl Lee Irvine

Stylist, Hairstylist, Wig and Headpieces: Rebecca Anthony

Make Up Artist: Jodie Taylor

Costumes: Black Milk Clothing and Shy Designs

Gaffer: Brooke Austen

Starring: Francesca de Valence, Alyce Stephenson, Emma Cervetto

Filmed on location at: The Stores, Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre

With special thanks to: Black Milk Clothing, Shylie Parsons, Vulcana Women’s Circus and Wilde Applause Creative Productions, Alyce Stephenson and Emma Cervetto and I Heart Songwriting Club.

Listen to the Track


You can hide in your nest
You’re all talk and no fight
When it’s safe you can try
Live a day at a time

Like a bird on a wire
Like there’s something to seek
But you stay with the hunger
Like a servant to keep

But I know that I am waiting, and I know that I am waiting…

And I know that I will wait to come again
I’ll rise from the ashes again
Gloriously fly away
Straight into the Sun

You can laugh at my face
You can feast on my remains
Feathers colours may change
But you’re caught in your ways

But I know that I am waiting, and I know that I am waiting…

And I know that I will wait to come again
I’ll rise from the ashes again
Gloriously fly away
Straight into the Sun

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