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Red Cat

“Red Cat” is a joyous song about riding a 1953 Jaguar convertible around the streets of Paris in the 2017 Winter Traverseé . A completely true story!

This song was featured in the “Songs de Paris” show, performed in Australia, France and New Zealand from 2018-2019.

“Part Joni Mitchell, part Carole King, part Edith Piaf and ALL class”


Music & Lyrics by Francesca de Valence
Copyright © ℗ 2019 Francesca de Valence

Audio Credits:
Produced & Recorded by Francesca de Valence & Tommy Spender

Album Photo: Christophe Berjot

Music Video Credits:
Tom A. Ward
Animation: Cameron Pyke
Art Design: Francesca de Valence & Jimmy Patch

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