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Yellow feat. Megalodon

Award-winning Brisbane pop songstress Francesca de Valence has broken new ground with a unique collaboration for her latest single release.

De Valence took the last single lifted from her acclaimed album “Own Self” and remixed her crystalline vocals with Hip Hop from local artist Brennan Smith, aka Megalodon. The result is “Yellow feat. Megalodon” – a joyous, unconditionally loving summer track to help us all forget about the worrying state of world affairs and put a skip back in our collective step.

Francesca says the unique sound came about almost by accident.
“I played a few songs at rocker Byron Short’s engagement to 4ZZZ presenter Tina Walsh at the end of 2016. Little did I know that’s where I would meet Megalodon and spark my first Hip Hop collaboration,” she said.

The collaborative spirit of “Yellow feat. Megalodon” also extends to the beautiful video, which has been produced and directed by former TV news reporter-turned digital content creator, Alex Smith. Gorgeous backdrops star with de Valence and Megalodon as the stunning beauty of Currumbin Beach, the Lockyer Valley and Warwick’s Sunflower Fields remind us of Mother Nature’s generosity.

The video is a reflective celebration of ‘Yellow’, a song to honour the sun, the earth and magnificent love.

What the Critics are Saying about “Yellow”:

“There is no defying Francesca’s talent. Her vocal range is arresting, and her lyrics beautifully evocative. There is much to love about it.” Aphra Magazine

Who’s Who

Music & Lyrics by Francesca de Valence with Rap by Brennan Smith

Copyright © ℗ 2017 Francesca de Valence

Audio Credits:

Produced by Nick O’Donnell, Francesca de Valence and Paul McKercher

Recorded by Nick O’Donnell, Paul McKercher and Byron Short

Mixed and Mastered by Nick O’Donnell

Vocals, Keyboards: Francesca de Valence

Rap: Megalodon

Drums: Tony Dean

Bass: Nick O’Donnell

Music Video Credits:

Directed, Produced and Edited by Alex Smith TV

Camera Assistant: Courtney Smith

Starring: Francesca de Valence, Megalodon – Brennan Smith, Carrah Jordan, Kristine Dennis, Chris Dennis, Courtney Smith

Featuring spectacular scenery from:
Currumbin Beach, QLD, Australia – Beach Scene
Allora QLD, Australia – Sunflower Fields
Laidley, QLD, Australia – Drive Scene

Album Design: Francesca de Valence

Photography: Alex Smith TV

With thanks to Brennan Smith, Alex Smith TV, Nick O’Donnell, Courtney Smith, Roger McClelland, Carrah Jordan, Kristine and Chris Dennis, Byron Short, Dave and Julie Collins, Kim Cook, Mother Nature and the magnificent Sun!

Listen to the Track


You radiate this love
Yellow beams just warm me right to the soul
Magnificent I’m in such awe of you

The little surprises
Fascinating in such comforting ways
I’ve won the prize


We’ll only grow from here
The seed we’ve planted growing so strong in half a year
The sun’s approved and we’ve made room to grow

You are magnificence, you are my ray of sun
You are the reason I can rise when my days begun
You are omnipotence for me behind the scenes
You are the reason I can fly in my wildest dreams
You are my breath of life, you are my burning rose
You bring the best of life when I’m returning home
You are the one I love with every fibre in me
I want to scream so loud that everyone under the sky will hear me

We’ll take care to water mildly, hold it lightly, love it wildly, so it brightly shines
And we’ll hold it for all time


Dance to the music of the wind beneath the trees
Chance that we can do it to the rhythm of the breeze
Glance towards the future we’ll be intimate indeed
The romance is so much more than any irrespective deed
Together we can grow like a petal through the snow
When the warmth of spring arrives I will never let you go
Forever we can bloom though believing it is strange
Love can heal wounds feel the heat of yellow rays

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