Being In Tune Is Key

More than ever, the past few years have presented us with so many opportunities to be pulled in multiple directions. I feel this is fair to say with life in general. But it seems like the opportunities have really ramped up lately. Are you feeling this too?

It’s rare for me to wobble these days. I’ve spent the past 7 years learning how to get clear and stay clear. A huge personal achievement I attribute mainly to my weekly creative practice and spiritual practice. And I continue to do these activities – without exception – so that I can maintain my clarity and access to more expansive energy. Given my commitment to this, and accumulative growth in this area, it’s rare for me to wobble.

But sometimes I do. And when I do it’s a subtle feeling of being slightly out of tune with myself. And when you’re out of tune, even slightly, that can sound or feel really awful.

This reminds me of sound frequency and resonance. When a note is sounded, there are multiple frequencies that are part of the harmonic series that resonate along with the initial frequency. Effectively amplifying it by increasing the current in the system.

When I’m in tune, there’s a greater amount of energy similarly in tune resonating and amplifying the capabilities of my frequency.

In short, there’s so much more ease in doing things.

If I feel even slightly out of tune, or out of alignment, the frequency is different. As such, the resonance is different. For someone who is highly tuned to the energy of themselves and the energy around them, this can feel like you’re just not yourself.

You might be curious to know what I do at these times. Well, what I don’t do is make a big deal about it and buy into a story that something is wrong with me and then go down a rabbit hole of trying to figure that out.

Also what I don’t do is try to push through and force focus and productivity as much as any other day when I’m feeling in fine resonant form.

I don’t tell everyone that I see what is going on and what’s wrong, amplifying that energy out into the world.

And what I don’t do is continue to draw more of that ‘lower’ energy to me by engaging with others in their stories that disempower them. That’s not to say I don’t hold compassion for others. I absolutely do. It’s just that if I engage with them in their stories that they’re telling for the hundredth time, I will be bringing about more of that energy in the world. And I know that’s not going to help anyone.

What I set out to do is simply bring my energy back to alignment so that I offer more of that out to the world again. Because being in tune is key.

When I feel out of tune with myself, I do things that I know bring my energy back into alignment.

So that I can get back to amplifying clear and high energy into the world with ease.

Here is a list of the things that I do to maintain and lift my energy:

  • Accept the energetic change with grace, knowing that it’s being felt beyond me and by others too
  • Feel into what the energy is useful for on multiple levels. I might ask, what is the energy useful for on a physical level, emotional level and on a spiritual level?
  • Honour the insights to these questions and action the answers that come however possible. Even if it means the things that were scheduled to be done will take longer to get done.
  • Continue doing the things that I know keep my energy clear, prioritizing these things in my day. For me, this looks like:
    • writing songs to express myself and my energy at the time,
    • listening to music with lyrics that enable me to feel peace and joy,
    • engaging in expansive learning and listening,
    • getting out into nature,
    • playing in the park with my puppy,
    • swimming, all the types of swimming,
    • cooking wholesome organic food and then eating it, and
    • engaging in energy clearing activities (like smudging) or healing practices (I’m a huge fan of Pellowah)

Different energies also can be felt with other people and places.

When you’re around clear people or places that resonate at higher frequencies, it’s easier to resonate with that frequency as there’s more energy moving in that direction.

If you’re surrounded by less-clear people or places that resonate at lower frequencies, and you don’t have tools to help you to maintain your own energy, it will be easier to be pulled into that lower resonance.

If you’re feeling that wobble yourself, what are you doing to stay clear and maintain your energy?

What are you doing to keep your energy for yourself? Rather than splitting it into multiple directions, where you will likely feel burnt out and empty and have no energy left for yourself?

Here are some suggestions for how you can get in tune with yourself

I invite you to make a short list of things that you can do to keep your energy together. Once you know what those things are, then it would be a brilliant idea to do something with that and prioritize those activities.

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Francesca de Valence