Many years ago, in a beautiful window of personal insight, I realised that I could curate my life to include what I wanted more of – and leave out what I didn’t want.

Wow, thank you me. I’ll do something with that. And so I went about curating my life. Choosing what I wanted and leaving out what I didn’t.

I didn’t always have the clarity in the moment to choose. Sometimes I would be so enmeshed in things that I couldn’t see clearly at the time. But as soon as I knew, I could choose. Was it in or out?

It was a conscious choice to decide what went in and what was left out. And a daily commitment to that.

When I learnt that I could choose how I wanted to feel in any given moment. That really took my curated life to the next level!

Not only could I include what I wanted more of and leave out what I didn’t, but I could also choose how I wanted to feel every moment of my life.

So… how did I want to feel?

Holy moly, what a marvellous question. How did I want to feel in life???? 

I wasn’t very well going to let anyone else decide this. So I chose.

I chose joyful. I chose peaceful. And I chose clear.

Those qualities and feelings helped me to feel really whole and uplifted. It helped make doing harder things easier. Growth happened with more ease because of the joy, peace and clarity I brought with me in any given moment. It was magic.

But it wasn’t a given. I didn’t wake up feeling that way. I had to choose it. And choose it, I did. Cause why would I want to feel any other way?

So if you’ve never been asked, I ask you.

I’m putting together an entire concert based on what we want more of in life, and how we want to feel. Imbuing the frequencies of those qualities in my set list and then I’ll be sharing them with the world.

You can be sure I’ll be bringing joy, peace, clarity and magic… what would you like me to bring about FOR YOU?

Read on for how you can experience this magical event…

Francesca de Valence in concert

A Concert for Joy, Peace and Transformation 

Francesca de Valence LIVE IN CONCERT
Sat 20 August

St Johns, Oxford Street, Bulimba (Brisbane inner city suburb)
Concert Starts at 2.30pm
(70 mins concert followed by afternoon tea)
Tickets – $15 / $25 +bf
(including a donation to the Anglican Women’s Shelter, Toowong)

Be enchanted and delighted, uplifted and reconnected in this special concert by much-loved Australian songwriter, Francesca de Valence, at St Johns Bulimba.

The inspiring artist and award-winning songwriter, creates songs and spaces that invite audiences to feel more about themselves. Through her visionary work as founder of I Heart Songwriting Club, Francesca is revolutionising the songwriting space, helping birth 25,000 songs and changing the lives of thousands of songwriters worldwide.

The creative mentor has been published by Songwriting Magazine UK and has facilitated workshops worldwide in partnership with APRA AMCOS, Irish Music Rights Organisation, Folk Alliance International. In 2022 she launched her podcast “The Magic of Songwriting” helping humans reconnect with the joy of songwriting.

Career highlights include supporting Jimmy Webb, writing 400 songs in 400 weeks, playing at Folk Alliance New Orleans 2020, winning a Los Angeles Music Award, and presenting a concert in Paris in French language!

Grab lunch on Oxford street before the Saturday afternoon concert starting at 2.30pm. Doors to St Johns will be open from 2pm. You are welcome to join us for afternoon tea on the lawns of the church after the concert. Parking is available in nearby streets and in the Oxford street Precinct.

“The gifts offered up to the world by Francesca are a kind of soul-honey” – Aphra Magazine