It was a new EP look along with the Apple/Adobe feud that caused me to update my website. Now all devices will be able to read me… so, please, read on…

With all the social media around (that’s a whole other blog post) it almost seems redundant to have a website – but website I have. My one rule for the new website, was that it wasn’t going to be this static thing that no one, or I, ever visited. So I thought, how can I keep my website fresh? As a musician this is tricky, as most of what we do is a work in progress in our creative little heads or on a portable recording device (iPhone). And the web is a very visual medium, in my opinion.

In the past I have only shared a small part of me with you. I want to share more, as I think I’m far more interesting than ‘just another musician’. Not only that, being a musician isn’t just a compartment of my life, it’s so intertwined with my life. So knowing a bit more about what makes me tick as a person, might give you a more interesting picture of me the musician. Anyway, that’s my new point of difference and I’m sticking with it.

So if you’d like to come along on this journey, I’d love to share with you what creative things in this world inspire me.

Francesca x