It is my great pleasure to introduce you to the work of Brett Moffatt, my esteemed artist collaborator and friend. Brett created the enigmatic artwork for the “Things That We Had Said” EP and I asked him to share with you his insight into the creative process for the cover art. Not only are his pictures beautiful, but so are his words…

“Things That We Had Said” EP Art and Design

by Brett Moffatt

Francesca is a fantastic talent. I know those are hackneyed words, especially when used to describe yet another brilliant singer. Francesca is unique however. The chemistry of her words, melodies and instruments (both voice and keyboard) creates an alchemy of the heart, all her own. Her work is remarkable for reasons that remind us of what it is to be vulnerable, feeling people. We share her highs and lows; there is empathy for us, and we feel empathy for her through the music. Having known Francesca for a few years, I can say with certainty, the intimacy shared between musician and listener is kind of real. She’s not singing someone else’s songs. The songs are meant for her and us, and therefore any connection felt is authentic. She is an authentic artist.

As part of an ongoing and well-known artist & muse working relationship, I joined forces with Francesca to create the artwork and design her latest EP cd sleeve.

Some projects take me a while. On one of her visits to see her portrait, Francesca and I got to discuss her music and my portraiture. We were both at a place artistically, where her autobiographical lyrics connected with my swift, autobiographical watercolours. Watercolour is a surprisingly beautiful, transparent painting medium. Like life itself, it can be touching yet totally unforgiving. Paint is like a person. It has a character. So the meaning and heartfelt struggles in Francesca’s music embodies the feelings that watercolour conveys so well. Like Francesca’s musical sentiments, watercolour can be feisty and uncompromising, but we see it through a veil of fragility and exquisite subtlety; paper and paint, music and lyrics.

And this is the watercolour portrait I did of Francesca for her album.
Sometimes when I create a drawing or painting, I simply do it because I felt I needed to. Some things are best left unsaid, unjustified, unexplained. Just go where the wind blows and see what happens. Hence the paradox of cool un-worldliness mixed with the subtle transparency of watercolour says what it needs to. It requires you to make your own interpretation of who she is, what she expresses, and what this image means.