On March 21st, at 3am I excitedly awoke to get my hair and make up done for my third music video “The Fighter”. The early start had all the feelings of a holiday road trip but with fake lashes and curls!

When you’ve made a few music videos you should realise that getting 20 cast and crew and a major Brisbane theatre venue onboard to be apart of your project is a very awesome thing – VERY awesome!

Here we are all gathered at the Brisbane Arts Theatre for an intensive day of shooting and movie making… many thanks to the cast and crew for sharing these photos with me.

Amanda Barnard and Michelle Vasiliou (from Skin Spirit Day Spa) give me a quick ‘make-under’ as I go from Dream girl to Reality girl!

The fabulous 5 dancers I got to work with. From far left: Emily O’Brien, Phoebe Johnson (Choreographer), Kate Jones, Carla Bigiolli, Emily Collyer.

I loved this part – transforming the girls into “grey men” – oh how monotonous!

Amanda Barnard and Emily Collyer

Phoebe Johnson (Choreographer and Dancer)

Luis A. Bran – an absolute gem of a director to work with. Here he is instilling a bit of confidence in me by showing me how good the shoot is looking through the camera playback (everyone needs a boost every now and then).

The inspiration for the clip came from many the Musicals that I love – including “Funny Girl”, “The Producers” and “Chicago”.

Many thanks to the whole cast and crew for their generosity and their energy.  I’d love to take the time to name and thank them all here (if you scroll slowly and imagine a cheesy soundtrack, it looks just like rolling credits):


Director, Producer and DOP: Luis A. Bran

Co-Producer: Regina Barrett

Production Assistance: Becky Strong

Production Designer: Jess Moxon

Art Department Assistant: Matt Baker

Costume Designer: Rachel Cherry

Camera Assistant: Tristan Davis

Grip/Gaffer: Rhys Forrer

Editor: Roy Kolberg

Make Up Artist: Michelle Vasiliou (from Skin Spirit Day Spa)

Hair Stylist: Jennie Shieff

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist: Amanda Barnard

Make Up Artist and Hair Stylist: Eloise James

Voice Overdubs (in opening sequence): Dave Quinn


Artist: Francesca de Valence (yep that would be me!)

Choreographer and Dancer: Phoebe Johnson

Dancer: Carla Bigiolli

Dancer: Emily Collyer

Dancer: Emily O’Brien

Dancer: Kate Jones

Girl in the poster: Skye Parker

Shot on location at Brisbane Arts Theatre. Many thanks to John Boyce and the team at the Brisbane Arts Theatre for supporting my project.

I’ll leave you with this eerie photo from the shoot…

Watch “The Fighter” Music Video