If there is one thing that I absolutely love about the songwriters that I work with, it is that they understand the transformational power of music; the healing power of music.

They get it.

They get the way that their music can not only affect them and help them, but affect and help others. Right now, given the current state of the world, I feel that’s a really powerful thing to remember. That as songwriters and creators, we have the power to affect change.

But the little picture, the day to day, can pull us so far off track. Sometimes we get so caught up in the daily grind, the little things that we have to do and should be doing, that we can get distracted from remembering what we’re here to do; our purpose.

Why you’re making music.
Why you’re writing songs.
Why you’re striving to get your music out there.

I speak with a large number of songwriters every single week, from all over the world, and the most common and compelling reason for writing – their why – is because they know how writing has helped them to heal and transform. And when others hear their music, they, too, are moved into another state of being.

I defy you to listen to music and not be moved by it in some way – even frustrated if you don’t like what you’re listening to. But also experiencing a feeling of change in a positive way – hope, love, peace, calm. All by simply listening to music.

That is the transformational power of music.

Songwriters, you can tap into this healing and transformational power through creating songs.

I know this for other songwriters and I know this for me as a songwriter.

I write songs every week in I Heart Songwriting Club and through each song I write, I’m getting clearer, feeling lighter, and finding a way through. I can honestly say that after writing over 400 songs, I’ve healed myself and completely transformed my life. I am excited for where my songwriting will take me next.

And through being part of that songwriting sharing process for others, I have witnessed people heal and transform around heart-ache, deaths, births, isolation and so much more.

Heightened by the isolation of COVID-19, connection is so much more important than ever. And, just maybe, if our focus were on the impact of that connection at an individual level and not how “popular” or “perfect” that song was and the reach it had on mass media, then maybe as creators we could feel more inspired to connect to our true purpose on a day to day level – to allow healing and transformation through our songs.

So songwriters, if you are getting all caught up in the things that you should be doing and need to be doing and comparing yourself to others and not feeling good enough in yourself – or any of the other internal dialogue that I know so well – I want to encourage you to connect with WHY you write songs.

If you know your why and know your purpose – that becomes your compass.

Your WHY is a compass to help you move forward when you feel stuck and lost.

Your why:

  • Helps you focus and drive you forward.
  • Is a great motivator.
  • Helps you become discerning around things that can be distracting versus things that are actually aligning with your purpose. It helps you stay true to your dreams and yourself.
  • It makes you authentic.

It not only connects with you and uplifts you more, but also changes the way that your music connects with others too, which is so magical!

So one of the most important things you can do right now, is take some time to explore your why. Dig deep and really know your why you write songs.

Trust me, it will powerfully move you forward as a songwriter. And, allow your purpose to help others.

These are the ways that I can help you to do this:

  1. Check out I Heart Songwriting Club and my Beginner Songwriting Courses on offer.
  2. Keep an eye on my Socials for Workshops and Live-Streamed Webinars – we’ll be announcing some for June shortly!
  3. If you are interested in Private Mentoring from me, please feel free to send me an email inquiry.


“Francesca de Valence is part of the new wave of grass roots pioneers, leading the way through the new and ever changing music industry. In a recent webinar, she gave encouragement, inspiration and a working model for the proactive, self-determining and flexible mindset required to meet the challenges of the current music creation and marketing model. I left feeling empowered to be brave, creative and unique” – Simon Shapiro, Songwriter and Musician.