The music industry has changed dramatically in the past few years. When I released my last album “Own Self” in late 2015, that was the end of CD sales. So my new method of making and sharing music is …digital singles!

I wrote “Phoenix Rising” as part of my weekly songwriting tasks in I Heart Songwriting Club. The theme was ‘birds’ and that same day I had someone in my world react to me in a very strange, aggressive, explosive way. In that moment, I realised I could have ‘bitten back’ but I choose to calmly say how their behaviour hurt me. This changed the mood of the whole dynamic. I realised the power in ‘rising above’ and this song subconsciously came through me.

My gorgeous community in I Heart Songwriting Club were very complimentary of this song and encouraged me to work further on this. 9 months later I recorded it with my friend Nick O’Donnell in my apartment. Nick sat at my dining table recording me whilst I sang into my clothes in my bedroom, occasionally stopping for the ego-riders on motorbikes and inner-city construction noises.

The music video, directed by Daryl Lee Irvine really glorifies my creative vision for the track. It features future 2018 Commonwealth Games weightlifting star, Alyce Stephenson and twin Emma Cervetto as duo lyra aerialists, myself as the rising phoenix, and a very fine team of artists who created the look of these striking characters including Rebecca Anthony, Jodie Taylor, Shy Designs, and international fashion label based in Brisbane, Black Milk Clothing.

To watch “Phoenix Rising” music video and see a full list of credits go here.