I’m losing count of the number of Music Videos I’ve made now, but they are ALWAYS heaps of fun. “Yellow” is one of my favourite tracks from my “Own Self” album, probably because of the joy of it, but also because it’s such a different sound for me as an artist. I met Hip Hop artist, Megalodon in late 2016 and that’s when the Hip Hop Remix of Yellow was born.

“Yellow” is a song to honour the Earth, the Sun and magnificent love and making this music video meant I could celebrate the most beautiful areas around my hometown Brisbane and with my dearest friends.

Featuring Gold Coast’s Currumbin Beach, Warwick’s Sunflower Fields, and Laidley’s panoramic hills and valleys, the “Yellow feat. Megalodon” video was directed and filmed by Alex Smith. My wish is that this joyous, unconditionally-loving song will help to put a skip back in our collective step.

Watch the “Yellow feat. Megalodon” video here.