Self-isolation doesn’t have to be isolating. Really, it doesn’t. But it’s too easy for it to get that way right now. I want to help you stay connected and I have some questions for you. And some answers for you too.

Right now, during this time of self-isolation, are you creating? Are you writing songs?

Now that you have temporarily lost your physical contact with other songwriters and perhaps feel a bit uninspired by the current situation, has your creativity ground to a halt?

And if you are able to make the mental space to create, how are you going? Are you getting feedback on your songs?

Perhaps you’ve always been the songwriter who writes songs alone in your room, regardless of lockdown. Is that you?

Maybe you’re the songwriter who shows your songs to your family and they always love them…because they love you and anything you make is golden. And how do you really know if that song will connect with people other than your partner or your parents?

I was one of those songwriters. I would write songs in my bedroom by myself. I wasn’t really getting any feedback that was useful for me. I felt like I wasn’t enough for my own industry. I would spend so much time worrying whether they were good songs or not, what people would think of me, and I was so unsure what to do with them.

I was constantly questioning:
Is this something that I could record?
Is this good enough to release?
Could I play this song for others? What would they think?
And the biggest questions – how do I make my songs better?

That sense of going around in circles stopped me from moving forward. I stopped writing songs. I stopped becoming the songwriter that I really wanted to be. This stopped me for years. Maybe, 15 years.

At one point, when the pain of going round in circles became greater than the pain of just moving forward, I decided to move forward. I no longer wanted to get in my own way of becoming the person I wanted to be.

One of the biggest solutions to getting past that block was being a part of a community. Sharing, opening up, growing, learning. Oh god, it felt so uncomfortable. But I knew I had to move forward. Cause I was not going to be able to get where I wanted to get to alone.

That was 6 years ago. Back then, there was no community that I could find that would support me. In fact, there were loads of communities that I felt would judge me and exclude me. That’s not what I wanted. I wanted inclusivity, connectivity, support, love.

So I created it.

A year after creating that community, I gave it a name. I called it I Heart Songwriting Club.

It’s magical how that turned out. We now help over 750 people write songs every week.

It’s an online community that you can tap into and be surrounded by peers. Any time. Day or night. From anywhere in the world. Totally online.

Fitting right now, isn’t it?

Our community is made up of other songwriters who are writing songs every single week. And not only that, they understand the struggles that you go through as a songwriter and understand how to help you move through the blocks – because they relate to them. They are just like you.

PLUS they give you much better feedback around your songs than perhaps your family and friends will.

The connection and feedback we foster is not a quick ‘like’ and ‘comment’ here and there. It’s a meaningful connection where deep friendships are fostered. And you don’t even need to leave your home! (and well, you can’t either)

Right now, I Heart Songwriting Club is a sacred-like online community for hundreds of people. It’s changing lives and connecting humans beyond measure, especially given what we’re all experiencing together. We’re writing songs that are changing how we feel, how others feel, and so much more (you know the power of songwriting and songs!).

And it’s a community that welcomes any songwriter – first-timer, beginner, hobbyist and pro.

I would love to invite you to join and involve yourself in our community.

Come and join people who share the same purpose as you. Belong to a community that wants you to thrive, uplifts you, and let’s have some fun again. Share all of you with us, as we welcome you for all that you are.

Check out I Heart Songwriting Club and our Inspired Online Songwriting Courses and Programs.

Don’t do it alone.

I’m thinking of you all.



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P.P.S For those who are big-picture, expansive thinkers, check out my video for how you can not feel alone even when might be, physically. This is my solution to feeling alone.