Are you so worried about writing bad songs that you end up with no songs?
Are you a songwriter who struggles to write and finish songs?
Are you somebody that puts off songwriting?
Perhaps you are so worried about writing a bad song that you end up with no finished songs and hundreds of unfinished ideas?
What if I could give you one solution that could solve that problem? What if I tell you a way to not only finish songs, but also make the songwriting process a whole lot more fun?

Let me tell you what the secret is….

It is simply ‘being curious’.

But what is curiosity? It’s playfulness. Its being an explorer. It’s having adventures with your intuition to uncover ideas and explore in new ways that you have never done before. And honestly…being curious is so much fun!

So many songwriters are STUCK with hundreds of unfinished ideas. I know, because I talk with hundreds of songwriters all around the world, every single month.

What if instead of thinking, “I have to write a really great song for my album” that you just wrote one song, every week? Just one song. Do it every single week. And you’ll finish the song by using your curiosity to explore all the possibilities of creation. Give yourself full permission to be innovative and exploratory!

Then over the course of a year, you’ll have written 52 songs. 52 finished songs!

From that, you can choose the best ones to record on your album. I promise if you finish 52 songs you’re going to have 10 that really stand out for you.

It is going to make you feel so much more confident around your songwriting! And you will have improved your skills, just by being curious.

Trust me it works!

If I got caught up in thinking that everything I did had to be “good”, then I would never have picked up the guitar to write songs.

And guess what I did last month? I took my guitar to New Orleans to showcase at Folk Alliance International. I played my guitar on stage in front of the music industry. Only 4 years ago, I couldn’t play the guitar, at all. Seriously.

Check out the video of my Sounds Australia Showcase at Folk Alliance International, New Orleans.

Being curious stopped me from being stuck in having to be ‘good’ at playing guitar, to allowing me to be truly free and learn exciting new things. And as I keep doing that, I’m getting really good anyway.

If I hadn’t got curious, I would have never bought a ticket to Paris for a month to just write songs.

I would have never thought those songs could be in a show or that I could put some images alongside that show. I would have never thought, I’ll go and play that show in Paris to a French audience. And now be recording these songs for release.

I didn’t start with such bold curious moves.

I started by just writing one song every week and strengthening my curiosity muscle.

Here is the place that I started. And you can have this too:

Schedule some time each week and commit to writing a song.

When you go to write each song, uncover the very first idea that comes to you. Don’t judge it. Don’t attach to it. Just uncover it. Even if it makes you feel a little bit uncomfortable, that’s fine – discomfort is growth. Just go there and see what you can create.

If you are keen to learn more ways to help your songwriting, I’m running workshops in Melbourne and Perth over the upcoming month. If you’re in those towns, please come along.

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Sending you bucket loads of curiosity this month!