Dear ones, How are you? Big hugs to you. The world is giving us one swift kick up the backside and sending us all scrambling. But I want to offer a new perspective, perhaps, a less common way of looking at now.

What if we have been forced to take time out to really be able to check in with ourselves? How we live? How we act? How we treat ourselves and others? What systems are supporting us? What systems are not? What do we really want? Are we making it happen? Is there another way to do this? How can we really make this thrive? Are we being real?

We are being forced to pivot or perish.

I’ve been watching all my dear friends and community suffer from the huge and devastating loss of livelihood as a result of a system that does not support them – a system that didn’t have a strong value foundation. How will these artists pay their bills? Their main source of income has been cancelled.

I remember how I used to fund my career; the way that I was told to by my industry – ticket sales and merch comes in, and touring costs (flights, car hire, accommodation, venue hire and band fees) goes out. I was lucky if I had more money come in than come out. One time, I even made $100.

I knew that couldn’t continue. I suffered from huge anxiety and panic attacks about how to make ends meet and the shame of not making a living from my music was palpable. I was talented, I was smart, I was capable. Why couldn’t I make this work?

I would come off the road and feel so depleted and beat up that – HOW THE HECK COULD I EVEN WRITE A SONG?

I would sit at my piano in my lounge room and start writing. But 15 minutes later I would hit a block – this isn’t good enough, how could this ever be a single, how could I ever share this with anyone?

I was living in a creative wasteland feeding off my own fear and anxiety.

I had a steely exterior. I wanted people to see Francesca as smart, capable, and talented. And I was not prepared to show anyone any other version of that. I had self-isolated. I had nothing left.

And in that lowest of low, backside kicked to the curb, with nothing left, I started again.

I started writing songs every week and surrounding myself with a group of my friends; a virtual group. They would uplift me and reassure me and give me feedback on my songs. I didn’t even know half of them. When we all created our songs, there was no attachment to the outcome. We just created.

My “career” took a pause while I found my way back to MAKING in a space of fun. And SHARING my songs with my new virtual group. After years of doing this, I had most definitely found the joy and it had shifted how I saw the world and my industry and how it treated songwriters.

And so I pivoted again.

***time passes, writing songs each week, learning guitar, you’ve heard this story, traveling to Paris, learning French, writing songs in French, traveling the world, speaking on stages, playing songs around the world, helping people, a lot of people***

And here I am now. I have spent years building my online community and online business(es). Very successfully.

And as my friends’ incomes have gone from ‘something-that-is-maybe-enough-to-cover-their-bills’ to ZERO (including their streaming income), I continue to pay myself and my team. Because I pivoted 5 years ago.

I had a massive ‘download’ and realisation last week that it’s time to show people how I did this.

And so I am.

I am going to show you – if you want it enough – how to reclaim your financial independence using your creative genius.

If this is sending your head in a spin and you are getting excited. Do.

This is next level.

Are you in or are you out?

If you’re in, email me and let’s get started.


My love to you all xo